One of the fastest growing breeder clubs in the UK

Why more and more breeders are joining The Agria Breeder Club

The Agria Breeder Club is designed to reward breeders committed to breeding healthy and happy pets. As a valued member of the Agria Breeder Club, you could benefit from a range of rewards and offers.

Exclusive Member Benefits


5 weeks free cover

5 weeks free cover for your litters when they leave for their new homes. Peace of mind for you and protection for the new owner.

FREE 24/7 Pet Health Helpline

Unlimited access to qualified vet nurses for you and your litters new owners.

Earn rewards

Receive rewards when your litters' new owners convert the free cover to a full policy.

Other benefits and offers

Many other bespoke Agria Breeder Club special offers.

Our 5 Weeks Free Insurance

Learn more about our 5 Weeks Free insurance which you can set up for every puppy or kitten when it leaves for its new home.

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Add breeding risks cover to your policy

If you are thinking of breeding from your dog or cat, you can add breeding risks to cover complications from gestation and birth - including caesarean section.

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Our Breeder Charter for Club members

Our Breeder Charter is at the heart of our commitment to healthy and responsible breeding.

Our Kitten Charter