Protection for Mum and her litter

Designed to cover your dog or cat for complications during pregnancy

Our breeding risks cover

Whether you're a first-timer or seasoned breeder, deciding to breed from your dog or cat is an exciting time for any owner. But with so many things to consider to ensure the well-being of the mum and the litter, this can be a daunting time. Complications during pregnancy and birth do happen, which can be stressful for breeders.

Cover for both the mum and the litter

Breeding risks cover is the first step in ensuring that all your litters can be protected for every step of their journey. This optional benefit can be added to the mum’s lifetime policy. Not only does this cover protect the mum but it also protects her litter whilst in your care.

5-Weeks Free Insurance for your litter

And, if you make a claim under your breeding risks benefit before the litter is sold, you can still issue Five Weeks Free insurance and the new owner can convert their free cover to an annual policy – without exclusions being added.

Easy add-on protection

Breeding risks cover is optional and can even be added after the policy has been set up. There is an exclusion period of 12 weeks before cover will start so you need to set up cover well in advance of your next litter.

Quotes Great service from Agria when there were complications with my dog having pups resulting in a caesarean being needed, very quick reaction to claim and great correspondence from Agria. Quotes
5-Star Review from R Davies

Protection for every step of the journey

  • Up to £1,000 each year

    for vet's fees around complications from gestation and whelping including caesarean section and fading puppies and kittens

  • Vet's fees for litters

    from birth to date of sale, or reaching 14 weeks, whichever is sooner.

  • Up to £2,500

    death benefit if mum is to sadly die as a result of complications during pregnancy or giving birth. We’ll refund the purchase price up to £2,500.

  • Up to £1,000 each year

    for fertility examination and associated veterinary treatment.

Protect your litters with FREE puppy insurance

Trusted to protect pets for over 130 years and 5-Star Defaqto rated, provide your litter with the insurance they need for those vital first weeks in their new homes, with our 5 weeks FREE puppy insurance.

5 Weeks Free Insurance

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