How to make a claim

How to submit your claim

Do you want to make a claim? We understand this can be a stressful time so we want to make it as easy as possible for you. To make a new or continuation claim, you can simply follow the steps below. Don't forget, we can settle directly with your vet and we pay 97% of claims!

OPTION 1: Ask your vet to submit your claim (recommended)

For all equine policy claims, your vet must submit the claim.

The easiest and fastest way to process your claim is to ask your veterinary surgeon to submit a claim to us directly. They can do this several ways:

· Online by selecting “Make a claim” on our website

· Download the form, fill-in the details required from the pet owner and the remaining information will need to be completed by your vet

· By using the Vet Envoy portal if they subscribe

· By post to Agria Pet Insurance Limited,PO Box 506, Manchester M28 8EN

In all instances a fully completed claim form must be submitted along with itemised invoices and a clinical history.

If you are a vet submitting a claim, please submit a claim as a vet here


OPTION 2: Submit a claim online

We've made it easier for you to claim as you can now complete your claim online using the form below. In order to be able to submit this form you will need the following to hand:

  • Your policy number (excluding any letters/words. This number can be found at the top of your schedule of insurance).
  • Your itemised invoice from your vet or online pharmacy.
  • If this is a further claim for a previous condition, the reference number from your last claim (detailed on our documentation to you).
  • Your clinical history from your veterinary practice if you have it.
  • Any file you upload must be in .pdf, .jpg, .jpeg or .png format and less than 10MB in size.


Providing all the relevant information could speed up the processing of your claim.

Please note – this service is not available if you have 4 or 5 week free policy. Please contact your vet (Option 1) or download a claim form (Option 3).


OPTION 3:  Download a claim form

If you prefer to download and print your own claim form, you can then send by post to Agria Pet Insurance Limited, PO Box 506, Manchester M28 8EN


Unsure of what to do in the event of a claim? Here are our most popular questions about claims:

Any sign of illness, disease or injury that your pet has before the policy starts.

For example, if your pet has a sore front leg before the policy starts that turns out to be elbow dysplasia then the first clinical sign of that illness is pre-existing to the policy.

An illness, injury or behavioural disorder that has the same diagnosis, that relates to or results from, or showed the same clinical signs as an illness, injury or behavioural disorder noted before your policy started.

The excess on your pet insurance policy is your contribution towards the cost of your claim.  The excess is chosen by you at the start of your policy and as with any insurance provider, allows us to ensure that premiums remain affordable for our policyholders.

A fixed excess is the amount you will pay every policy year for each condition. 

The variable or percentage excess is calculated after the fixed excess is deducted along with any other deductions applied to your claim.

Your fixed and variable excess can be found on your Policy Schedule.

The fixed excess, is payable once per condition, per policy year. The variable excess is a percentage of the vet bill you pay each time you make a claim.

For example:
Based on a fixed excess of £170 and a variable of 10%; if you submitted a claim for £1000, you would pay the first £170 which would leave £830. You would then pay 10% of the remaining bills which is £83 and Agria would pay the £747 that is left.
If you then submitted a claim for another £500 for the same condition in the same policy year, you would only pay the 10% which is £50 and Agria would pay £450.

We are unable to provide cover for any pre-existing illnesses or injuries
This policy does not cover vaccinations, flea and worming treatment, along with any preventative and elective treatment your pet may receive.

Please refer to your policy Terms and Conditions for a list of full exclusions applicable to the veterinary fees benefit. You can also refer your IPID document for your main exclusions.

To get your pet’s treatment pre authorised, please ask your veterinary practice to complete the online form at

We can only pre authorise treatment that is going to be over £500 and must have a full clinical history and itemised estimate.

Most pre authorisations take 1 working day for a decision once we have received all the information.

Vaccinations, preventative parasite control and routine neutering are some examples of routine treatment.

Preventative treatment would be treatment that your vet recommends to prevent an illness or disease for example removing a dew claw that is not injured but may lead to injury in the future. 

Pet insurance is in place to provide peace of mind for unexpected illness, disease, or injury. 

Your pet must have a dental health check in the 12 months before the dental disease was noticed.  The treatment must be carried out within 3 months of it being noticed.

A dental health check is a veterinary check of the teeth and gums.  We ask you to do this to ensure that any dental disease is treated as quickly as possible and shows us that you have taken steps to prevent severe dental disease for your pet.

If your pet needs a crown, root canal treatment or any other more complex dental treatment over £500 - please ask your vet to complete a pre-authorisation before undertaking the treatment.

If the Covid 19 pandemic has affected your ability to comply with the above conditions, please submit a covering letter with your claim and we will consider this when assessing your claim.

You can contact your local veterinary practice, rescue centres, local authority and dog warden (if your pet is a dog) and tell them that your pet is missing.

Depending on your policy and level of cover, you can claim up to £250 in costs for trying to find your pet.  This £250 includes any reward you pay the person who finds your pet.

You cannot claim if your pet goes missing within the first 10 days of your policy starting.

We do not cover the costs of any online company who offers to search for your pet for you.

Please see your Policy Booklet for the full details regarding this section of cover.

If you pet has been referred to a specialist practice by your usual vet.  You can claim up to 25p per mile to and from the specialist practice, toll road charges, standard ferry fees and accommodation if the specialist is too far away to travel to and back in one day.

The limit on the policy will be on your Policy Schedule.

Send us an email with your policy details clearly stated and include your itemised receipts for accommodation, toll charges, ferry fees and tell us how many miles you have travelled.

To claim under this section, you must have added it to your policy before your travelled.

To claim please send us an email with your policy number, policyholder, and pet details along with:

  • Itemised receipts
  • Clinical history if you have it.
  • The contact details for the treating practice.

Please see your Policy Booklet for the full details regarding this section of cover.

To claim under this section, you must have added it to your pet’s policy before you became unwell.

To claim please send us an email with your policy number, policyholder, and pet details along with:

  • Your hospital admission and discharge note.
  • The receipt showing each day your dog was in boarding kennels or looked after by a pet sitting service.

Please see your Policy Booklet for the full details regarding this section of cover.

To make a claim for the Death benefit we require confirmation from your vet of your pet’s death, along with the purchase receipt.

We must advise we are unable to pay your claim unless your vet certifies that your pet is dead.

Please visit our website to make your claim.

Please refer to your policy Terms and Conditions for further information regarding this benefit

We are very sorry to hear of the loss of your pet. Depending on your policy and level of cover, you can claim up to £150.00 for the cost of cremation, burial and a house visit by a vet to put your pet to sleep.

For more information on your cover, please refer to your policy T&Cs.

We are very sorry to hear of the loss of your pet.  To claim for purchase price, you must have this benefit on your policy.

Please check your Schedule of insurance for the maximum age you can claim under this section.

Your vet must confirm that they have seen your pet and confirmed your pet has passed away. 

To claim please send us an email with your policy number, policyholder, and pet details along with your purchase receipt or proof of purchase.

The Breeding Risk benefit has to be in force for a period of 12 weeks prior to mating.

Please note, we will not cover

Any costs for veterinary treatment if your pet was pregnant at the start of this policy section, or became pregnant within the first 12 weeks of the start of this policy section.
Anything over the maximum benefit of this section
Any cost if your female pet is under 1 or over 7
Any cost if your female has had more than 4 pregnancies
We will not cover any cost for the following breeds to have caesareans :
o Bulldog
o French Bulldog
o Boston Terrier
o Pekingese

Please refer to your policy Terms and Conditions for further information regarding this benefit.

Yes, as long as the medication was prescribed by the vet treating your pet, you are able to make a claim for medication you have sourced at an alternative pharmacy. Please note that we will need a copy of the prescription issued by your vet to support your claim as well as the receipts for any medication you have purchased.

You can only claim for treatment that has already taken place. All claims need to be submitted with a supporting invoice by the vet who has seen your pet, confirming what has been charged for.

What to expect after submitting a claim

Regardless if you are submitting yourself or through your vet, we’ll do our best to process your claim as soon as possible and keep you updated.



Our current processing time for claims is 14 working days from the date of receipt, so our award-winning team will be in touch to provide you with an update.
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Check your inbox

Our claims communications sometimes go to your bulk or junk mail folder, please check there before contacting us.

Check with your vet

You can also check with your vet that they have submitted your claim prior to contacting us.

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