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Do you have a question or want to find out more about insurance? Here are the most popular questions about insurance:

The excess on your pet insurance policy is your contribution towards the cost of your claim.  The excess is chosen by you at the start of your policy and as with any insurance company, allows us to ensure that premiums remain affordable for our policyholders.

A fixed excess is the amount you will pay every policy year for each condition. 

The variable or percentage excess is calculated after the fixed excess is deducted along with any other deductions applied to your claim.

Your fixed and variable excess can be found on your Policy Schedule.

The fixed excess, is payable once per condition, per policy year. The variable excess is a percentage of the vet bill you pay each time you make a claim.

For example:
Based on a fixed excess of £170 and a variable of 10%; if you submitted a claim for £1000, you would pay the first £170 which would leave £830. You would then pay 10% of the remaining bills which is £83 and [brand] would pay the £747 that is left.
If you then submitted a claim for another £500 for the same condition in the same policy year, you would only pay the 10% which is £50 and Agria would pay £450.

To find out more about your excess, you can log into your Agria account and you will be able to view your policy documents which will show you what your excess is along with other policy information.

An illness, injury or behavioural disorder that has the same diagnosis, that relates to or results from, or showed the same clinical signs as an illness, injury or behavioural disorder noted before your policy started.

For example, if your pet has a sore front leg before the policy starts that turns out to be elbow dysplasia then the first clinical sign of that illness is pre-existing to the policy.

Vaccinations, preventative parasite control and routine neutering are some examples of routine treatment.

Preventative treatment would be treatment that your vet recommends to prevent an illness or disease for example removing a dew claw that is not injured but may lead to injury in the future. 

Pet insurance is in place to provide peace of mind for unexpected illness, disease, or injury. 

You must submit your claim by the end of the period of insurance or within six months from the first date of treatment, whichever is the latter. If you do not submit your claim to us within this time frame we will not deal with your claim.

As a company we have gone paperless so please be aware that unless you have chosen otherwise, your documents will now be sent via email. You have the possibility to opt in or out of this option.

Renewal documents get sent 28 days before your renewal, please check your email inbox and junk and spam folders if you haven’t received them.

What is in your Agria account

For existing customers

Access your Agria account, where you can:

  • View and download policy terms & conditions
  • Add a picture of your pet
  • View your details
  • Update your marketing preferences
  • Submit a claim
  • Refer a friend
  • View customer offers

For Partners

If you are a breeder, vet, rehoming organisation or a partner of Agria, access your Agria Partner account, where you can:

  • Activate 5 Weeks free cover
  • View your performance reports and rewards statements
  • Download banners for your websites or social media platforms
  • View your details
  • Order stock and literature (where applicable)
  • Breeders can manage their litters
  • Vets can access the Vet Academy CPD learning platform

Still can't find what you're looking for?

If you still need support or have a question about your cover, an Agria team member would be happy to help.