5 Weeks Free Insurance

Vital protection for your litters

Provide your puppies or kittens with the vital insurance cover they need for the first 5 weeks in their new homes with free insurance. This gives you peace of mind knowing that your litters will be protected during those vulnerable first weeks.


5 weeks FREE Insurance

Get cover for illness and injury when your puppies got their forever new home.

FREE 24/7 Pet Health Helpline

Unlimited access to qualified vet nurses for you and your litter's new owners.

New owners can continue their cover

The new owners of your puppies or kittens can then continue their free insurance onto one of our lifetime policies. Also, if they do decide to continue their policy, any conditions diagnosed during those 5 weeks will continue to be covered for as long as the policy remains active.

Earn rewards

£10 rewards every time one of your new owners continues their free policy.

Provide your litter with the cover they need for those vital first weeks

  • Up to £4,000

    towards veterinary treatment for illness and injury

  • Up to £2,500

    refund of purchase price if the pet dies from illness or injury

  • Up to £1,000

    contribution towards advertising and reward if the pet is lost or stolen

Add breeding risks cover to your policy

If you are thinking of breeding from your dog or cat, you can add breeding risks to protect both mum and her litter throughout pregnancy and birth.

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