Welcome To The All Ears Podcast

By Agira Pet Insurance

About the Podcast

Join Cotswolds farmer, author and rural television presenter Adam Henson and special guests as they cover the ins and outs of providing the very best care for our beloved pets. From looking after dogs of all ages and the ways you can become the ultimate eco-pet owner to those often-asked queries about our feline friends, this podcast is for all animal lovers. So, if your curiosity about helping our creatures live in comfort could match that of a cat or you’ve got a nose for finding out more about canine conundrums, tune in with Adam as he delves into the pet world with five industry experts. It’s the perfect way to have a “paws” from daily life so put the kettle on and curl up on the sofa… We’re All Ears!

About The Host

Adam Henson is one of the most recognisable and experienced countryside experts in the UK, known throughout the nation as a Cotswold farmer and television presenter. Adam grew up with dogs living in the house and on the farm, and has a full and warm appreciation of the contribution that family pets make to our lives.

Adam is joint director of Bemborough Farm and the Cotswold Farm Park and is passionate about helping to inform and entertain audiences with his extensive animal expertise and friendly presentation style.

“It’s a pleasure to be a part of Agria’s All Ears Podcast. I’m passionate about sharing my love of animals with others. The podcast allows me to do this but I’ve also learnt some valuable hints and tips from our experts. As a pet owner myself, I’ve loved applying these insights at home. I can’t wait to hear what our listeners think!” At Agria, we’re thrilled to welcome Adam as the host of our brand-new All Ears Podcast – a podcast for animal lovers with a curiosity for creature comforts.

Listen On...


Episode 1- Pup to OAP with Gwen Bailey

In the first episode Gwen Bailey, the founder of Puppy School, joins Adam to talk about the important milestones leading all the way from an adolescent pup to an old-aged pup (OAP). Gwen was previously the head of animal behaviour at one of the UK’s largest animal-welfare charities and has lived and worked with dogs all her life. In this episode, she provides enlightening advice, spanning from how to introduce a new dog into the family to how to care for your animal friend as they get older.

Episode 2 - Planet-friendly Paws with Anthony Chadwick

Futurist and veterinary dermatologist, Anthony Chadwick - also known as ‘the webinar vet’ - talks to Adam Henson about all the steps we can take to help us on our way to becoming pet-powered eco-warriors! Switching to a more sustainable way of living is so important, but it’s easy to get confused about what is and isn’t ‘green’. This episode covers everything from eco-friendly pet products to alternative flea treatments - and even how to offset your pet’s carbon ‘pawprint’ – so you can look after your pets in a truly sustainable way. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

Episode 3 - A Dog’s Life with Agria and Anna Webb

For this episode of the All Ears podcast, you’ll be joined by dog behaviour expert Anna Webb and your host Adam Henson as they delve into all things pet food and nutrition. From simple ways to keep our canine companions strong and healthy through what they eat, to their evolving diet journey and how to deal with fussy eaters – this episode covers everything you need to know about providing your dog with perfect nutrition so that they can perform at their very best.

Episode 4: The Human-Animal Bond with Jade Statt

For this episode, join Adam Henson and co-founder of StreetVet, Jade Statt, as they explore the precious human-animal bond. From how this special connection works and the benefits to come from it, right through to tips on how to build a healthy bond with your pet – they’re here to cover it all!

Episode 5: Cue the Cat with Rory the Vet

Join your host Adam Henson for the final round of series one as he talks to small animal surgeon, TV personality and activist, Rory the Vet about all things feline. With cats typically known for being the more ‘independent’ pet, it’s easy to assume that they’re happy being left to their own devices – but they have a sensitive side, too! In this episode, Dr. Rory answers the big questions we all wonder about cats; from why they ‘meow’ and how to decipher their purr, to the reason you find extra fur balls in the Summer and the health myths around feeding a dry food-only diet. Happy listening!