🌞 Top tips for pet care in the heat 🌞

Having been used to cooler temperatures for so long, it’s easy to forget just how much we need to consider our pets with the sudden heatwave we are experiencing.

Our partner, Pet Health Helpline, has shared their top tips with us for keeping dogs, cats and rabbits healthy and happy now that the summer has suddenly arrived!

All pets

  1. Give your pets access to indoors or a shady area throughout the day
  2. Avoid allowing your pets to rest in direct sunlight – this includes inside conservatories, in front of windows etc.
  3. Keep flea and tick treatments up to date – parasites love the warmer weather! The Registered Veterinary Nurses at Pet Health Helpline are there to help if you need any advice

Just for dogs

  1. Walk your dog in the early morning and late evening to prevent overheating or dehydration in the heat of the day
  2. NEVER leave your dog in a vehicle on a warm or sunny day. Opening car windows is not enough as the temperature inside can very quickly rise to dangerous levels
  3. If you think your dog is overheating (panting, salivating, lethargic), cool them down as soon as possible. Use cool not cold water – let them paddle in it or drape soaked towels over them. Overheating can quickly become a veterinary emergency, so if there’s no improvement, contact a vet straight away.
  4. Be aware that paving, pavements and sand can be painful for your dog to walk on. Check it. If it feels hot to touch it is not suitable for your dog’s pads.

Cool cats

  1. Cats with white hair and pink noses are more susceptible to sunburn than other animals. Ear tips are at particular risk of developing skin cancer so apply pet friendly sunscreen throughout the summer months
  2. Make sure your cat has constant access to fresh cool water. If you think your cat is not drinking enough, consider introducing a pet water fountain – they are usually more inclined to drink from running water.

Relaxed rabbits

  1. Keep your rabbits’ enclosure and bottoms as clean as possible. Fly strike can happen very quickly and it takes just one fly to cause all sorts of misery for your bunny
  2. On particularly warm days, wetting bunny ears with a fine mist of cool (not cold) water helps to keep them cool
  3. Freeze bottles of water and place them around the hutch and run for the rabbits to lean on if they are feeling hot.

 The best advice we can give is to be aware of your pets additional needs in warmer weather. A healthy pet can rapidly become seriously ill due to heat, so by following these simple steps you can enjoy the summer safely together.

Pet Health Helpline is a free service for every Agria Pet Insurance policy holder, offering 24/7 veterinary advice over the phone from Registered Veterinary Nurses. If you have any worries or queries over your pet’s health*, whatever the time of day, simply call Pet Health Helpline on 03333 32 1947.


*Pet Health Helpline is not designed to replace a consultation with your vet, but there to offer immediate advice on the most appropriate course of action.