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Do Horses Sleep Standing Up?

Horses have a unique way of sleeping. Find out why sometimes they lie down to sleep while at other times they stay on their feet for a kip.

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How long do horses live?

The longest-lived horse was said to be 62 when it died. But what is the average life expectancy for horses?

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How to keep your horse fit and sound in a heatwave

How to exercise your horse and keep it fit when good going is in short supply

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The benefits of giving your horse some time off

Equine vet Lucinda Ticehurst examines the benefits of horses having a holiday and the best equine candidates for a spell away from work.

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Why do horses need shoes?

It is something most of us take for granted but whether shoeing is appropriate for our horses is a question all equestrians should consider and a subject Agria is funding research into.

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How to keep your horse cool in hot weather

We all look forward to warm, summer days but it is vital that we keep horses cool to avoid overheating and heat stress.

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Here comes the rain so watch out for laminitis

A spell of wet weather can provide welcome relief after weeks of baking temperatures and rock-hard ground but with it comes an increased risk of laminitis.