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Getting a new kitten


How to look after a kitten

Kittens are delightful pets – lively and full of fun! Bringing your kitten home is extremely exciting but can also be a bit daunting, so here are some tips to help with those early days.


Settling your kitten into her new home

For a tiny kitten, going to a new home can be a daunting thing. Not only is everything strange and different but they are leaving their mother and siblings for the very first time.

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When can a kitten go outside?

Kittens are well known for being extremely lively, and you might be looking forward to the day your kitten can go outside to burn off some of that excess energy! So when exactly should you let your kitten outdoors?

Understanding your kitten's behaviour

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How to socialise kittens

Are you the proud carer of an adorable litter of kittens? Read our top tips on kitten socialisation to help at this very exciting time!

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How to stop kittens from biting

Why do kittens bite? And what can you do to stop your kitten from biting you?


Toilet Training Your Kitten

While owners of puppies may often struggle with toilet training, cat owners can be pretty smug here! Most kittens learn to use the litter tray by watching their mother, and, being naturally clean and fastidious, generally pick it up very quickly indeed.

Kitten food and nutrition

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A guide to feeding your kitten

What to feed your kitten? Getting this right is essential to ensure your newest family member gets all the nutrients their growing bodies need.

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Your kitten's appetite

Your kitten may be a little particular about what they like - here's how to help them enjoy the food you'd like to feed them

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Is my kitten drinking enough?

It's very important for your kitten to be hydrated - so here's what to do if you think they aren't drinking enough

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Still kitten food?

As your kitten reaches the 6-month mark, it is important to feed them the correct diet.

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