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Find the best advice for your puppy from our experts, certified behaviourists and vets.

Getting a new puppy

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What do I need for a puppy?

Welcoming a new puppy into your home is a hugely exciting time. But before your puppy even comes home with you, you can take the first steps of becoming a puppy owner by beginning to prepare and shop for your new arrival.

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The UK’s top puppy names and trends

Choosing the name for your dog can be almost as hard as choosing for a baby! But when it comes to puppy names, it seems that it’s the family’s children that often have the biggest influence over the names of our canine family members…

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Choose your dog carefully for a happy ever after

As our pets influence our mood more than our partners, making sure you make the right choice couldn't be more important

Training your new puppy


How to toilet train

One of the things that worries new puppy owners the most is toilet training. The good news is that puppies come pre-programmed to be toilet trained.

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Settling your new puppy in

Bringing your puppy home is a really exciting time for you and all the family, but it’s easy to forget that for your puppy, his whole world is changing.

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Crate Training Your Puppy

Crate training your puppy can help simplify toilet training and also give him a safe haven when he needs one. It is important to do it right though!

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Puppy teenage training

You may start to notice as your dog heads towards becoming an adolescent (six months plus) their training seems to go out the window... sounds familiar?

Understanding your puppy's behaviour

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How to stop my puppy from biting

Talk to any behaviourist right now, and they will tell you that biting in puppies seems to be almost epidemic - and it appears to be a bigger problem than the usual play biting that is expected at some time from most puppies.

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Things for your puppy to chew!

Chewing is an important behaviour for dogs and puppies and it should be encouraged – but only on the right things!

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How to introduce a puppy to a cat

Are you thinking of introducing a puppy as a sibling to your existing feline friend? Traditionally, people believe that they won’t get along, hence the expression “fighting like cat and dog”, but it doesn’t need to be this way.

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How to socialise a puppy

In our guide to how to socialise your puppy, we explain the training and experiences your new puppy should have in their first few weeks with you.

Taking care of your puppy

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When can you bathe a puppy?

As soon as you start to take your puppy out and about in the world, you will probably notice they love to get dirty! They also love smelly things to roll in. Chances are, you will need to give them a bath at some point.

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When can puppies go outside?

As a new puppy owner, one of the most exciting things is the prospect of taking your new friend out and about, but how soon is it safe to head outdoors?

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How long do puppies sleep?

If you’ve got a new puppy, you’ll probably have noticed that they have bags of energy but also that they can get exhausted! So how long should your puppy be sleeping for?

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When do puppies lose their teeth?

Just like human babies, puppies also go through a teething process. We look at puppies' dental development and when their baby teeth fall out

Puppy food and nutrition

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Still puppy food or time to change?

As your puppy reaches their fifth month, it's very important to feed them the right diet

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How to choose puppy food

Young dogs should always be fed on a specialised puppy food as it has been specifically formulated to provide all the essential nutrients, carefully balanced, to ensure puppies grow up to be healthy and strong.

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How much should I feed my puppy?

When you’re making plans to welcome your new puppy into your home, one of the biggest considerations is what - and how much - to feed them!

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Can puppies eat carrots?

Sometimes there can be confusion about the types of human food suitable for puppies and dogs, particularly fruit and vegetables. It’s always worth checking first before you feed them something new.

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