Top tips and advice for your rabbit

Find the best advice for your rabbit from our pet experts, certified behaviourists and fully-qualified vets.

Taking care of your rabbit

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How do I choose a vet?

Finding a vet that is right for you and your pet is one of the most important decisions you will make. If you are a new pet owner, it’s a good idea to have chosen your vet before you actually need one! This way, you can relax knowing that your pet is already registered should you suddenly need an appointment.

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How to give your rabbits a happy life

Our Behaviourist and Trainer, Carolyn, shares some top tips on how to keep the UK's most neglected of pets happy!

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As safe as houses? Top tips for rabbit accommodation

Whether it’s indoor or outdoor living (or both, like Shiver and Snowy enjoy), giving your rabbits a home that allows them to run, stretch, sleep and play safely is vital. Here are our top tips to keeping your rabbits’ accommodation free from risk

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Spaying and neutering your rabbits

We strongly recommend that both male and female rabbits should be neutered. Doing so is incredibly beneficial.

Understanding your rabbit's behaviour

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Understanding your rabbit's noises and body language

Get to know them even better is to learn to understand what they are saying to you!

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Rabbits and their humans

We talked about the importance of having a close, bonded pair of rabbits rather than one kept alone, but how much do rabbits value time with humans?

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